Mars in Aries – The Horns


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Astrological Talismans of Mars in Aries
Solid Sterling Silver with inverted amethyst pear on a 20″ sterling chain
Ram horn seashell with amethyst cabochon plated in pure copper on a 28″ genuine deerskin lace cord

The greatest victory is that which requires no battle. -Sun Tzu

On February 25 I woke up and performed the prayer to Helios from the Greek Magical Papyri: PGM XXXVI 211-30. I had been struggling with some of the seasonal depression and wanted to draw in some solar influence. I prayed for success and shortly after I was struck with the inspiration to do a wax carving based around the astrological sign of Aries. At the time I had only been carving for less than a month and was still getting familiar with the medium. I have always been struck by the beauty of ram horns and so that was my intended design. I ended up carving all day in somewhat of a frenzy and finished the carving that evening, and I knew these needed to eventually become Mars in Aries talismans. The sun finds his exaltation in the sign of Aries, so the connection to the rite was clear. I later decided this release should have two styles, one cast in silver from the carving, and one made from ram horn seashell, plated in pure red copper, which despite its associations with Venus, is given to Mars in the Picatrix.

Mars finds his domicile in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. This sign which initiates the astrological year and the beginning of spring in tropical astrology. The symbolism of the ram charging forth is prominent and here we see Mars in his most aggressive form: hot, warlike, and ready for battle. In Aries, Mars dons the mantle of the fearless pioneer, charging headlong into the unknown, unafraid of the battles that lie ahead. Mars stirs the pot of human emotion, provoking anger and inciting courage. He is the blood that courses through the veins, the heartbeat quickening in moments of danger and desire. He is also the fire of creation, the ardent lover whose passion knows no bounds. In its highest expression, Mars bestows the courage to pursue one’s deepest yearnings, to fight for justice and to defend the vulnerable. He is the force that propels the artist to create, the activist to march, and the lover to embrace. He is the blade that cuts through illusion, the relentless surge that compels action.

While Mars in his diurnal home of Aries is typically tasked with offensive maneuvering, this association creates a powerful opportunity for apotropaia. The very presence of Mars in this form, like the horns of the ram, marks him clearly as one simply to not be messed with. I have chosen to harness that commanding and intimidating presence, along with the symbolism of the ram horns in service of protection and the removal of enemies and all evil influence.

The talismans were created on May 29, 2024. While I typically do all my own electing, this election was a gift from my friend Genie of Tides of Tethys. During the elected window, Mars was rising on the ascendant on the day and hour of Mars. The moon was fast, and waning, which is appropriate for the removal of unwanted influence, and also tempers the nature of the malefics. The moon is also applying to a harmonious sextile with Mars. The chart is also further fortunated by the presence of Jupiter in the first house. It is available to view in the product gallery. At the time of the election the amethyst stones were inscribed with the symbol of the intelligence of Mars, Graphiel, and suffumigated with dragon’s blood, coffee, hot peppers, nettle leaf that I personally grew, and powdered ram’s horn. They were also anointed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and enspirited with the intention of protecting the bearer from enemies and evil influence. The stones were later set into silver and copper with powdered ram’s horn.

These talismans come in two forms, solid sterling silver with an inverted faceted amethyst pear, and ram’s horn seashell with amethyst cabochon plated in pure copper. Both talismans are quite large, the copper approximately 1.5″ wide and the silver 1.75″ tall. The silver talismans are completely solid silver and quite hefty. The silver talismans come on a 20″ sterling chain and the copper talismans come on  28″ genuine deerskin lace cord.  There are 6 silver and 4 copper available. Both come with a copy of  the devotional artwork above printed on card stock. The talismans contain slight variations due to being handcrafted and the use of natural stones but will be similar to those pictured and intuitively selected.

Here is a playlist of resonant music which aided in their creation and can be used to further connect with their spirit.

May the daimon of these talismans protect you from enemies and all evil influence

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Mars in Aries – The Horns
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