Milk of the Basilisk


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a Martial tincture of nettle, basil, and milk thistle  for protection, courage, and fortitude

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Milk of the Basilisk is a Martial tincture for protection, courage, and fortitude. It is an alcohol extraction of nettle, basil, and milk thistle all personally grown from seed, ritually harvested, and tinctured in grain alcohol using the folk method. The tincture was then decanted over a pair of rattlesnake teeth, bottled atop a cast iron wood burning stove, and then suffimigated with Dragon’s Blood incense during Mars hour of the Mars cazimi in Scorpio of Nov 17, 2023.

The tincture itself also displays a curious and unexpected property reminiscent of bloodstone. It appears green or red depending on the lighting.

Available in a 2oz dropper bottle. Limited to 10 bottles.

Although the tincture is safe to use both internally and externally, it is recommended to dilute it with water first due to the strong alcohol content.

Suggested uses:

  • Take 1 dropperful in water
  • Place a few drops on a moistened cloth and wipe back of the neck and hands
  • Place a few drops on a moistened cloth and use to cleanse objects or tools

According to Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Nettle and Milk Thistle are ruled by the planet Mars, and Basil is under the sign of Scorpio.

Note: this product is not intended for medicinal purposes.

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Milk of the Basilisk

Availability: In stock

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