Stag Horn Pendant


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Real antler tip amulet plated in pure copper on a 28″ black genuine deerskin lace cord

Few animals have such a rich history throughout the mythology and folklore of numerous cultures as the stag. The horn of the stag is both protective and also a symbol of renewal due to deer shedding and regrowing them each year. Powdered stag horn has also been used in suffumigations as protection against snakes. We see this in Pliny’s Natural History where he states : The stag, too, fights with the serpent: it traces out the serpent’s hole, and draws it forth by the breath of its nostrils, and hence it is that the smell of burnt stags’ horn has the remarkable power of driving away serpents. We also see this as well as in it’s use as the suffumigation for the 18th Lunar Mansion Al-Qalb which features the image of a snake as described in the Picatrix.

These amulets were created using naturally shed antler tips which were then plated in pure copper. They may be worn on the body, carried, or hung. Due to the stag’s association with numerous hunting deities, these amulets may serve to provide assistance to those pursuing their goals, and additionally may be use as a pendulum when seeking direction.

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Stag Horn Pendant
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