Leaves of Three – Poison Ivy Pendant


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Real poison ivy amulet plated in pure copper on a 28″ black genuine deerskin lace cord

These amulets were made using real poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) leaves that I personally foraged from my home and plated in pure copper. This process preserves the leaves inside, retaining their virtue, but because the leaves are completely sealed inside the copper, the wearer is protected from the harmful components of the plant. As a result this amulet is both protective and also provides a means of coming into direct contact and relation with the plant in a way that is safe. Poison ivy can be said to be under the rulership of Saturn due to his dominion over poisonous plants, but also Mars as a result of its ability to cause a stinging rash.

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Leaves of Three – Poison Ivy Pendant
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