Mars in Capricorn – Wolf Like Me


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Astrological talismans of Mars in Capricorn
Copper plated red jasper and wolf tooth on a 28″ black genuine deerskin lace cord


My heart’s aflameMy body’s strained, but, God, I like it
– TV on the Radio

Capricorn is the sign of Mars’s exaltation. Unhindered by the watery tumultuousness of Scorpio and the ephemeral fire of Aries, here in the cold earth of Capricorn, Mars represents pure, steady, calculated action. Nothing can stand in the way of his will. In this place Mars appeared to me as a wolf stalking his prey through the winter snow. As such I have named this release Wolf Like Me.

For the design of these talismans, I chose red jasper as the stone due to it’s rulership by Mars according to Agrippa, and also because it’s black striping reflects the rulership of Saturn over the sign of Capricorn. I also used wolf teeth to honor the visions granted to me, as well as Mars’ rulership of wolves and the sign of Capricorn’s rulership over bones and teeth within medical astrology. Additionally, wolf teeth have a long history as protective amulets throughout numerous cultures. During the elected window I inscribed the stones with the symbol of Mars, and the teeth with the symbol of the intelligence of Mars, Graphiel. The were then ritually enspirited with prayer and suffumigations of dragon’s blood with the intention of conferring strength, courage, and success to their bearer. They were then combined using epoxy clay mixed with nettle personally grown, as well as other martial herbs along with black coffee, and then plated in pure copper.

These talismans were created on January 19, 2024. Mars was rising on the ascendant in Capricorn. Saturn who is the Lord of the first house is dignified by face. The Moon is waxing, fast, and exalted in Taurus and further dignified by triplicity and face. The chart is available to view in the product gallery.

Each talisman comes on a 28″ black genuine deerskin lace cord and includes a small printed image of the devotional artwork I created (pictured above) on card stock. The talismans are approximately 3″ tall and each one is unique. 10 were made. You will receive one talisman similar to the ones pictured, intuitively selected by me.

I have also created a playlist for the release with resonant music which assisted in their creation and can be used to further connect with the talisman.

May the daimon of these talismans grant you strength, courage, and sucess

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