Pisces 1 Decan – The Fever of Dreams


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Astrological talismans of the first Face of Pisces
Copper plated cockle shell pendant with an obsidian cabochon on a 28″ black genuine deerskin lace cord

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I abandon myself to the fever of dreams, in search for new laws. ― Antonin Artaud

Your waves, O Okeanos,
gird the boundaries of the earth.
From you come all the seas, from you come all the rivers,
from you come the pure, the flowing waters of earth’s springs. – Orphic Hymn to Okeanos, transl. Apostolos N. Athanassakis

The first decan of Pisces is ruled by the planet Saturn, and co-ruled by Jupiter as ruler of Pisces. Agrippa says this decan depicts: “A man carrying burdens on his shoulder, and well clothed; it hath his signification in journeys, change of place, and in carefulness of getting wealth and clothes.” According to Picatrix, it depicts “A man who has two bodies and is like he is going to salute with both hands. And this is a face of peace and humility, of weakness, of many journeys, of misery, of seeking wealth, and the lamenting of one’s manner of living.” Giordano Bruno states: “In the first face of Pisces is someone carrying all his possessions and looking earnestly for a new dwelling place.”

Arriving on the heels of my own personal, multi-year initiatory journey, these talismans describe a process of renunciation, dissolution, and rebirth in the primordial waters of the void, followed by a return one’s true home: oneself. This journey was initiated for me in January of 2020 when I was received several omens and divinatory messages including imagery of the ocean, waves, and the general advice to avoid being “swept away.” These messages pointed me on the direction of Psalm 46:

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into themidst of the sea.
Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof…

Without going into the details of my own ordeal, it is apt that I am now able to bring back the medicine from this journey for what were my first talismans created for public release (these were created before Deneb Algedi). I have named this release The Fever of Dreams after my favorite above quote from Artaud. These talismans were birthed on December 20, 2023 using the following electional considerations from the Picatrix:

When you make any of images of the faces described above, make them in a material appropriate to the planet that rules the face; then the work will be as we have said, that is, if you make the image when the corresponding planet is present in that face, then that work will be perfect and it will manifest in the world. If it happens that the Sun is rising in the hour of the planet or combines its force with it in a way that you desire, the work will be stable and strong.

The election took place during Saturn hour, in which Saturn, the ruler of the decan and the 1st house was in both the decan and in the first house. The Sun also made applying harmonious aspects to both planetary rulers: a trine to Jupiter (who is conjunct Fortune) and sextile to Saturn. The Moon was unafflicted and the chart was further fortunated by the benefic Venus on the midheaven. Saturn was also conjunct the fixed star Skat, which is said to give “good fortune and lasting happiness and also it is said to indicate safety in a deluge,” according to George Noonan in his work Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, returning full circle to the beginning of this journey. The chart is available in the product gallery.

For the creation of these talismans I chose to use a cockle shell as the base due to Saturn’s rulership over the cockle according to Agrippa, and also to reflect this decan’s watery domain of Pisces. I also chose to use obsidian, also ruled by Saturn due to its black color, because of it’s association with the scrying mirror, so that these talismans can also function with that purpose. The grounding nature of this stone also serves as an anchor to it’s bearer. During the elected window I inscribed the back of the stone with the sigil of the decan. I then inscribed the cockle shells with the name of the spirit of the decan according to the Liber Hermetis, Fambrais, the name Okeanos, who is the deity associated with this face according to the hellenistic fragment 36 Airs of the Zodiac, and the intention “safe journeys.” The stone was then attached to the shell using epoxy clay mixed with vervain herb, which is the plant associated with this face according to the Sacred Book of Hermes to Aesclepius. They were then suffimigated and ritually enspirited using invocations and prayers. They were later plated with pure copper with a patina of sulphur applied to give them a gunmetal finish.

Each talisman comes on a 28″ black genuine deerskin lace cord and includes a small printed image of the devotional artwork I created (pictured above) on card stock. The shells are each approximately 1.5″ in length and each is unique. 10 were made. You will receive one talisman similar to the ones pictured.

I have also created a playlist for the release with resonant music which assisted in their creation and can be used to further connect with the daimon of the talisman.

This decan is also associated with the tarot card, the 8 of cups, which depicts a figure walking away from 8 cups along the ocean. T. Susan Chang in her book 36 Secrets says of this card:

a red-cloaked figure, staff in hand, climbs a rocky shoreline beneath a watchful moon. Their destination is unclear, but we know what sacrifice they leave behind: 8 cups full of the past; 8 cups worth of life lessons and experiences. These are the moonlit seas of Pisces-a final liquid dessolution under cover of njght. Here in the final three decans of our yearlong journey, we take the mystic’s path and arrive at the sea at the end of the known. By forsaking the familiar, the accounted-for, even the rational! we shall encounter magic and mysteries.

These talismans were created with the intention of aiding those in doing deep shadow work and journeying, both literally and spiritually, as well as those seeking to free themselves from that which is out of alignment with their truest nature. This journey should not be taken lightly, and will not be easy, but few that are worthwhile are such. In nature, birth only happens once the womb is no longer habitable.

May the daimon of these talismans grant you safe journeys. Be well, fair traveler, and take heart.

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Pisces 1 Decan – The Fever of Dreams

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