Saturn’s Gold – Pyrite Amulets of the Kyranides


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Large pyrite amulet plated in pure copper on a 28″ black genuine deerskin lace cord

These pyrite amulets were created according to a recipe from the Kyranides. I have been fascinated by this work for many years and have been wanting to create something from it as I feel it has been somewhat overlooked by modern occultists, despite being an important work of technical hermetica along with the PGM and the Sacred Book of Hermes to Asclepius among others. I was particularly thrilled to have found this recipe, which describes an amulet said to have been worn by Saturn himself!

The recipe calls for engraving a pyrite stone with an image of a flamingo with a scorpion at it’s feet, and placing a bit of eryngo root underneath. Eryngo is a type of thistle with over 250 species, and one of the species native to North America is also known as “rattlesnake master.” After engraving the stones, the eryngo root was sealed beneath the stone with clay, which was then attached to a handcrafted wooden sculptural form and then plated in pure copper.

Each pyrite stone is approximately 1.25″ and the full amulet size is 2.25″. Only 10 were made.

Below is the description from the text.

Eryngo is an Herb like Calamus; it grows thorny; its Vertues are such as these: For, if any carry its Root, he shall not at any time suffer the Treachery of Devils. That the Devil may confess who he is, and from whence? And to cast him out: And if any one have an aëreal Spirit, put one of these Roots un∣der his Cloaths, and he will confess to you who he is, and will fly from the Man, a stranger to him. 

And in Hephaestion’s, i.e. Vulcane’s Stone, which is called Pyrites, or the Fire-stone, if any one engrave a Phoenicopterus, and at its Feet a Scorpion, and put under the Stone the Root of the Herb, he will have a Phylactery, and a Guard, or a Treacle against poysonous Stings; it also drives away nocturnal Phantasms, and all Witchcraft, and is good also for those that are troubled with the Stone.

Being worn, it confers the Grace and Vertue of Prudence. Saturnius himself wore it, and Phaos in Heaven; and in Earth it possesses Gold and Silver; it destroys Infirmity, and cruel Poverty, and the evil Bonds of Necessity…

A full english translation of the Kyranides can be found here. My hope is that these amulets will inspire and encourage others to explore this fascinating work.

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Saturn’s Gold – Pyrite Amulets of the Kyranides
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