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Astrological talisman of fixed star Aldebaran
Inverted garnet point set in solid sterling silver on a 20″ sterling silver chain


Aldebaran is a bright red giant star located in the right eye of the bull of the Taurus constellation. It’s name comes from the Arabic Al Dabaran meaning, “the Follower” as it follows the Pleiades through the heavens. Aldebaran is a first magnitude star and one of the brightest in the sky. Also named ” The Watcher of the East,” Aldebaran is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia or Watchers of the Heavens. These stars were later associated with four archangels, with Aldebaran being linked to the Archangel Michael. Michael, whose name means “he who is like God”. is considered one of the most holy beings in creation and associated with both Mars and the Sun. Bernadette Brady writes in Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, of Aldebaran as “the great cornerstone marking the spring equinox. In this capacity Aldebaran was the god Mithras, or Ahura Mazda, the slayer of the cosmic bull. Mithras was a great military god who gave victories to his followers but only if they followed the strictest procedure in his worship.” According to Ptolemy in his Tetrabiblos, Aldebaran is of the nature of Mars. Aldebaran is also the focal star of the 4th Lunar Mansion of the same name, as well as the Rohini nakshatra in vedic astrology, whose name means “red girl,” ¬†According to the Liber Hermetis, it “increases riches and brings great honors.”¬†

Aldebaran were the first fixed star talismans I ever made over 5 years ago. These were made in paper as I had not yet become a jeweler, so I am honored to give the spirits of this magnificent star an upgraded dwelling. Milk thistle, it’s associated plant according to the Liber Hermetis, was also the first plant I grew in the garden at my current home. For the design of these talismans, I chose a stylized bullseye shape, which I hand sculpted in jewelers wax and then cast in solid sterling silver. I chose faceted garnet, as one of the associated stones of the star (along with ruby.) In the Liber Hermetis it is listed as carbuncle, which refers to any red stone, but most commonly garnet, which is ruled by the planet Mars. I chose to set the stones inverted with the point facing outward to emphasize the star’s Martial nature and to evoke the tip of Michael’s sword. I also acquired a real cow eye specimen, which I desiccated and powdered along with milk thistle seed. This powder was used in the suffumigation of the talismans as well as mixed with an epoxy used to set the stones during the electional window.

These talismans were created on May 9, 2024. During the electional window, Aldebaran was rising on the ascendant with the Moon applying to conjoin. The moon is waxing, fast, and unafflicted and makes an applying harmonious sextile to Mars, the planet of it’s nature, who is dignified by sign and face. The chart is also fortunated by the presence of the Part of Fortune in the 1st house. The talismans were ritually enspirited with the intention of increasing riches and honors for it’s bearer. The chart is available in the product gallery. 7 talismans were made and each is approximately 1.5″ in diameter and comes on a 20″ sterling silver chain along with the devotional artwork above printed on card stock. Each contain slight variations due to the talismans being handcrafted and the use of natural stones but will be similar to those pictured and intuitively selected.

After I made the talismans I decided to work out to move the energy of their creation through me and ended up putting on a hip-hop playlist, which is typically my preferred workout music. Every song that come on the playlist directly related in some way to the subject of the acquisition of riches and honors. It was a fun synchronicity and made me realize that no other genre speaks to the spirit of these talismans better. It was also a reminder to me to live in the present. Its easy to find examples of the archetypes and spirits of the asterisms playing out in the past and in fantasy, as I love to explore myself, but we also live in the here and now and they are just as present in our current reality. So my Aldebaran playlist is all hip-hop and I hope you enjoy this modern twist on an ancient star.

May the daimon of these talismans grant you riches and honors beyond your wildest imagination

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