Nettle Amulets


Real nettle leaf amulet plated in pure copper on a 28″ black genuine deerskin lace cord

These nettle amulets were handmade from nettle leaves personally grown from seed, harvested, and then plated in pure copper through a process known as electroplating. Each amulet contains a real nettle leaf inside. Nettle leaves have been used throughout history as protective amulets. These may be worn on the body, carried, or hung.

According to Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Nettle is ruled by the planet Mars due to it’s stinging leaves.

As Paul Sédir states in Occult Botany: Sédir’s Concise Guide to Magical Plants: When worn as an amulet, it gives the bearer courage. This “herb of bravery” was sacred to medieval magicians, who gave it the Chaldean name roybra.

Dale Pendall writes of Nettle in The Green Mysteries: As would be expected of a plant with such an aggressive magical character, humans have christened it with a host of rude names over time, including Devil’s Bears, Devil’s Plaything, and Burn Hazel…In Ukranian folk magic it was used as protection againsl witchcraft. Held in the hand with Yarrow, it was a preventative amulet against hauntings and infectious spirits. In England, it was used as a magical talisman against fear. Nettles placed in the window comprised an old Russian folk charm against witches on St. John’s Eve. Its aggressively protective nature was also highly regarded in Slavic folk magic; in Poland, Nettles were affixed to the exterior of the house as talismans against witches on Midsummer night.


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Nettle Amulets
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