The Baba Yaga Pendant


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Large chicken foot pearl with moss agate cast in solid sterling silver on a 20″ sterling silver chain


This pendant was inspired by Baba Yaga and features a large chicken foot pearl and rose cut moss agate cabochon. I chose the pearl to reference her famous hut and the moss agate for it’s rich green inclusions evocative of the deep forest. Moss agate is a form of chalcedony, ruled by Saturn, who she embodies as the ultimate crone and poisoner. Leaves and vines were hand-sculpted around the natural pearl in jewelers wax which was then cast in solid sterling silver. The pendant is 2″ tall and comes on a 20″ sterling silver chain.


Beneath the moon’s silvery gaze, deep within the heart of the forest, stands a hut like no other. Perched upon chicken legs, it twists and turns, ever restless, ever seeking. This is the dwelling of Baba Yaga, the crone of the wilderness, the guardian of the threshold between worlds. Her home is a labyrinth of the arcane, where every corner hides a riddle, every shadow whispers a secret.

Baba Yaga, with her iron teeth and bony legs, is the grandmother of the wild, a force of nature untamed and unyielding. Her presence is a paradox, for she is both giver and taker, nurturer and destroyer. To the lost and the brave, she offers guidance and wisdom, but woe to those who approach her with hearts full of deceit or fear. For Baba Yaga sees beyond the flesh, into the very soul of those who dare to seek her.

In her hands, she wields a pestle and mortar, tools of both creation and destruction. She grinds the bones of the past, releasing their spirits into the ether, while her broom sweeps away the remnants of what once was, making way for what is yet to be. She is the keeper of the cycle, the eternal dance of life and death, decay and rebirth.

Her companions are as strange as she, a trio of mysterious riders: one in white, one in red, and one in black, heralds of dawn, noon, and night. They are the cycles of time, the relentless march of days and seasons, bound to Baba Yaga’s will. With their aid, she commands the winds and the storms, the frost and the fire, bending nature itself to her inscrutable purpose.

Yet, Baba Yaga is more than a witch; she is a a manifestation of the ancient wisdom of the earth. She embodies the primal fear and reverence for the unknown, the awe of the untamed wilderness. Her stories are lessons cloaked in mystery, teaching us to respect the power of nature, to seek knowledge with a pure heart, and to understand that every ending is but a new beginning.

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